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H.E.A.R.T. Mission Trip!

Our youth are currently on a mission trip in Polk County called H.E.A.R.T. During this mission trip, they are living in a Third World Country simulation. During the day they are doing service projects in the community such as roofing, working in a thrift store, and painting houses. Our

intern, Caroline Alessandro, described the experience as “… a great week getting to serve and connect with students!”

Panua Trip, Day 3: God is good

God is good all the time, all the time God is good!

Today we an  the youth at Karagita, Sanctuary & Airstrip got to introduce the person we sat beside. It was fun to have the one on one time with our Panua youth as we got to get to know them better. 

We celebrated the first year anniversary & ate lunch at Lillian’s Cafe a Panua graduate. She has 4 employees – 2 of which are current Panua youth in training. Lillian is thriving & an in demand chef for nearby hotels when they need assistance.

We ended our day assisting 3 of our youth carpenters in training to make beds for 2 of our youth that has never had a bed.

As we prepare to sleep tonight in our beds, I am thankful to lay my head on a soft pillow & rest for the night in my bed. 

Praying for everyone here and at home. Blessed to be with brothers & sisters of our Heavenly Father 7,962 miles away from Winter Park

Panua Trip, Day 2: Letters and Bibles

What an extraordinary day on our 2nd day in Naivasha. We met with our first group of over 60 of our Panua Youth at the Trinity United Methodist Church. They had such joy in their eyes when they read their letters from their prayer partners. We got to hear some of their stories of how they were doing and sang with them as we celebrated our time together.

We blessed them each with a Bible as most of the youth did not own a Bible and a book mark. In one of the groups, each youth got to share a meaningful bible passage. The photo of these young ladies expresses the gratitude that they feel for the support they receive from us.

Jambo from the Panua mission team!

Panua Trip, Day 1: Jambo!


2 males; 6 females. 2 high school seniors. The 2nd Panua trip in less than a year for 3; first Kenya trip for 3. First Panua mission trip for 5. 8 total travelers in the group.

In Naivasha: 200 youth; 10 mentors; 5 staff.

1 mission. Panua.

Our group has arrived in Nairobi, and we’ll be traveling early Sunday morning to Naivasha, timed to worship with friends (new friends to some of our group, “old” friends to several). 

We’ll be posting and sharing throughout our time here, as we meet and visit with the youth who began the 3-year Panua program in this past January. Lots of work and friendship-making ahead!