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New Year. New Initiatives. Same Excitement.

Communications Ministry Update

Our team has been working with Pastor David on our annual communications plan and we are excited for the work God will be doing through our church. Join us for our new year kick-off  on Jan. 9 from 12:30-2:30pm at the Reeves Center. We will offer an overview of the 2020 communications plan, provide a workbook you can use with your ministry team, and reenergize our work as Communications Ambassadors.

Our gatherings are scheduled on the 2nd Thursday of the Month from 12:30-2:30pm. If you know of someone interested in joining the team, or you yourself would like to become more active – NOW is the time to start! We are kicking off the year strong and would love to fellowship together.

For more information and gathering locations, contact: Sarah Skidmore, Director of Marketing & Communications at

Lay Leadership in 2020

One way that we fulfill the church’s mission to make disciples is through lay leadership. At FUMCWP, we recognize the important role that lay leaders have within the life of our church.


On Jan. 12 we are commissioning the lay leaders who will be discerning the life of our church family in 2020. This year the commissioning will take place during the 11:00am service. Following the commissioning, our 2020 lay leaders will spend time in fellowship and learning of important church-wide initiatives. Be in prayer for our lay leaders and their families at the start of the new year.

Arnetta Rodgers

Pillar Leaders 

At FUMCWP, we have four primary ministry categories that we call pillars. Each

pillar has a lay leader who serves as the Pillar Leader. The role of a Pillar Leader is to nurture and develop the ministries that fall within their pillar. We have two important Pillar Leader changes starting in 2020.

  • Gracious Hosts: Mia Thomas, who has served as the Gracious Hosts Pillar Leader 2018-2019, is transitioning to be the Board Chair of the Inua ministry for 2020. Stepping into the role of Gracious Hosts Pillar Leader is Arnetta Rodgers. Arnetta has been an active lay leader in ministries such as Hospitality, Forum, and Killarney Elementary School tutor most recently.
  • Lloyd Jaeger

    Christ-like Servants: Ben Howell, who has served as the Christ-like Servants Pillar Leader 2018-2019, is transitioning to be the Vice-Chair of Leadership Council for 2020. Stepping into the role of Christ-like Servants Pillar Leader is Lloyd Jaeger. Lloyd has been an active lay leader in ministries such as Inua and Family Ministry most recently.

We are grateful for the leadership that Mia, Arnetta, Ben, and Lloyd continue to provide our church.

Does “The 12 Days of Christmas” ring a bell?

December is a unique time for the Communications Ministry. Advent is well underway and Christmas Eve just around the weekend! ? By the end of the month, the communications ministry will have created the following church-wide assets:
Feel free to hum the song, “The 12 Days of Christmas” as you read this list. ?
  • 4 regular bulletins
  • 5 specialty bulletins
  • 2 monthly newsletters
  • 5 inserts and invites
  • 40+ social posts and 20+ social events
  • 3 sermon looks
  • 15 e-newsletters
  • 2 outdoor banners
  • 31 interactive questions
  • 30+ worship announcements
  • and, think of the exciting last-minute needs
In this midst of these efforts, we are working with leadership to create an annual communications plan for 2020. God is doing exciting work in our community! As the New Year approaches, themes important to our work in 2020 include leadership, stewardship, and social justice.
If you’re interested in being a Communications Ambassador in 2020, please email Sarah Skidmore, Director Marketing & Communications at
Oh, and we like to have fun too. ? Last week our team hosted our 3rdAnnual Ornament Exchange! Check out a few of our Communications Ambassadors photo’d above.

Candle Recycling

Last year for the first time our vibrant family recycled candles at the Christmas Eve Services. Our efforts reduced the plastic in the landfill, cut down on waste, and saved our church $1500. Typically, we purchase 3000 candles and holders at 50 cents each for the 8 Christmas Eve Services. This year we are not purchasing any new candles or holders. This year we need your help once again in helping recycle used candles for the next service.

Please sign up for a slot below! For more information contact, Rev. Gary Rideout at Thanks to all for caring for God’s creation.

Reeves Center Update

Thank you for your support of the Reeves Center. There is much to celebrate in the work that has been accomplished this past year and for the new possibilities in 2020. To review 2019:

  • TCA Preschool/VPK has 75 children enrolled in their program.
  • Studio 150 dance classes are open for children and adults.
  • Building 200 and Room 8 were renovated for meeting spaces.
  • The thrift store items have been donated and removed.
  • The Ministry Assessment proposal to create a Counseling & Enrichment Center with six-practicing licensed therapists is almost finished.
  • The Foundry is actively meeting with mentees and mentors at the Reeves Center.
  • New signs identifying the campus as Reeves Center have been added to the location.

Please continue to pray for this outreach opportunity to serve and connect the Colonialtown North community and our church family.

Contact: Denise Meyer at