First United Methodist Church

Adult Groups & Discipleship

We have a variety of different groups for all adults at every life stage in your spiritual journey. From Small Groups, Sunday School Classes, Women’s Groups, and Men’s Groups – there is a place for you here! Scroll down to learn more about our adult opportunities. For more information, contact [email protected] or visit our leadership page for the staff contact.

Small Groups:

Small Groups are 8-12 people in weekly meetings designed to help believers with their everyday relationship with Jesus. These discussion-based groups operate on a 3 trimester system, where each trimester is approximately 12 weeks long. The hope is to grow deeper as followers of Jesus and in our relationships with the other members of our groups. In a relational community, we learn and grow in how to be a better follower of Jesus. To join a group, please complete the form below.

Connect Groups & Adult Ministries:

Adult Groups

These groups are an opportunity to gather for deep and meaningful conversations about scripture and topics of faith.

Women’s Groups

Connect with other women with several care and support groups, such as Women Warriors and our Book Club.

Men’s Groups

Join the men’s ministry for monthly meals, and support groups twice per week.


Kinfolk is relaunching its Connect Groups to engage, inspire, and empower young adults who are curious or committed to Jesus.


The CFCD seeks Christ in everyday life and empowers ordinary people to surprise the world.


Adult Groups & Sunday School are an opportunity to gather for deep and meaningful conversations about scripture and topics of faith. It is also an opportunity to create relationships, get to know others in our church, and live out our faith in community as Jesus instructed us. The goal of all of these classes is empowering individuals to strengthen their spiritual gifts, extend care to those in need, and welcome and discuss new ideas in a safe setting. All are welcome.

Sundays, 10-11am, Wesleyan Bldg. 222

Parenting Class
Sundays, 10-11am, MFLC 305

Sundays, 10-11am, Fellowship Hall

Sundays, 10-11am, MFLC Gym

The Revelation Study
Sundays, 10-11am, Wesleyan Bldg. 222

If you’ve never been in a Bible study group, this will be a great way to begin. Join us as we journey through the Book of Revelation.

Sunday Evening Group
Sundays, 6:15-7:45pm, Wesleyan Bldg. 222

Join Pastor Philip on Sunday evening to dig into The Book of Revelation. There will be dinner provided with requested donations. We hope to see you there!

Breakfast Club of FUMCWP 
3rd Friday of the Month, 8:30-9:30am, The Coop, 610 W. Morse Blvd.

Announcing another way for those with lots of life experiences to gather with friends over breakfast! If you used a rotary dial phone or if you can sing or whistle along with the Andy Griffith theme song. Then, we would love to have you join us for breakfast at The Coop on the 3rd Friday of each month! Even if you do not have those experiences, you are still welcome to join the newly formed Breakfast Club. We hope to see you there!


Women’s Small Group
Sundays, 10-11am, MFLC 316
Women seeking to learn more about God to grow in faith. We have lively and heartfelt conversations about how God and the biblical text informs our everyday life. This group will be studying the Book of Revelation during our upcoming sermon series. Led by Denise Meyer.

WOW (Women of the Word)
Mondays, 11:30am-1:00pm, Zoom
Email [email protected] for the Zoom links.

Early Risers
Thursdays, 7:00-8:00am, Zoom
Email [email protected] for the Zoom links.

Women Circles

Hannah Circle 
First Thursday, 9:15am, Fellowship Hall
Hannah is a community of women who gather monthly for service, fellowship, and spiritual development. Find out more about our annual sale at Hannah’s Closet.

Ruth UMW Circle
Second Friday, 9:30am, Fellowship Hall
This group of women is our church’s connection with the United Methodist Women, a world-wide ministry that supports women and children locally, nationally, and around the world. They meet for Bible study, fellowship, and community service.

For more information, contact [email protected].


Small Groups for Moms
Connect with others and find support in a small group with other moms. This time together will be an informal way to gather, share joys & concerns, make prayer requests, and to be reminded you are not alone in your journey. We have two morning groups and one evening group. Email Pastor Leah at [email protected], if you are interested in attending.

Women’s Book Club
Second Wednesday of the month, 10:00-11:30am, Matthias Family Life Center Library

February: “Violeta” by Isabel Allende
March: “Kindred” by Octavia Butler

Prayer Shawl Group
Last Wednesday of the month, 10:00am, Church Parlor
Prayer Shawls are handmade blankets or wraps that have been prayed over for comfort and care for the unknown receiver. Bring knitting needles (size 10 or 11) or crochet hooks. Yarn will be provided. Email [email protected] with questions.

Women Warriors
Meets once a month at various restaurants for food and Fellowship.
Email [email protected] for time & location.


Tuesday Morning Men’s Group
Tuesdays, 7:00-8:00am, Fellowship Hall

Thursday Morning Men’s Group
Thursdays, 7:00-8:00am, Zoom

Email [email protected] for the Zoom link.


Methodist Men’s Monthly Monday Meals (MMMMM)
Meets once a month at various restaurants for food and fellowship.

Email [email protected] for time & location.

Kinfolk is relaunching its Connect Group to engage, inspire, and empower young adults who are curious about Jesus.

Who is Kinfolk for?

Kinfolk is for people with questions. You might wonder where God has been, wonder what relevance the church has, or wonder how the world can be so beautiful. If you’re like us, you do all three.

Kinfolk is a home for young adults. Yes, that’s always been a loose concept. If you want to be around other people who are learning more about the world with open minds and open hearts, then please reach out!

What will we do?

At Kinfolk, we like to eat. We’ll spend at least one evening a month having dinner together as a time of sacred connection in our ordinary spaces. Other weeks we will meet virtually to allow as much flexibility as possible and spend time sharing celebrations and concerns and praying together. We always leave space for questions and curiosity as well.  

How do I join?

We have two monthly rhythms starting in September:

First Monday In-person Dinners
5:30-7:00pm, Locations Vary

Monthly Online Gathering
Mondays, 8:00-9:00pm, Zoom

Reach out to [email protected] to get connected!

The CFCD seeks Christ in everyday life and empowers ordinary people to surprise the world. The CFCD was commissioned with a simple goal: create a reproducible pathway to discipleship knowing that the church thrives when people get involved.

We strengthen involvement by growing creative disciples. Creative disciples are passionate about Jesus and his redemptive work and see their church as a home base for unique and personal ministry. Moreover, creative disciples grow in community; they get involved with each other to surprise the world together. Look for new opportunities and studies soon!