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Refugee Ministry

Our church has partnered with Bethany Christian Services and their refugee resettlement program. This program supports refugees relocating to Central Florida through the US Department of State. Together, we hope to help families to feel safe, loved, and connected as they settle into their new homes.

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2 

We welcome YOU to show hospitality to strangers who are beginning a new life in Central Florida!

The Need:

We’re living through the worst refugee crisis in world history. Across the globe, 108.4 million people have been forcibly displaced worldwide. Of these, 40% are children.

Coming to the U.S. as a refugee is the most difficult way to legally enter the country. Refugees undergo a more thorough vetting process than any other traveler to the United States. 

How You Can Help!

Serve with FUMCWP:

Below are a few ways you can partner with this vital ministry and get started today!

Offer Housing:
Are you a landlord or realtor? Housing is an immediate need for families entering the US.

Provide Employment:
Are you a business owner, recruiter, or hiring professional? Refugees can play an influential role in your business. If you’re interested in employing adult workers who have recently resettled in the United States, contact us today! 

Donate Household Items:
There’s a big gap between the stipend a refugee receives from the government and the cost of their actual needs. Consider donating today! View List of Donation Items 

To get started today, please email Clay Mitchell at

Partner with Bethany Services:

Below are opportunities that require application and approval through Bethany Christian Services.

Airport Greetings:
Join Bethany Christian Services staff to greet and welcome refugees coming to Central Florida.

Home Visits:
Visitations typically take about 30 minutes to check on the family, ask how they’re doing, or see if there’s anything we can help with at that time. 

Provide Transportation: 
Transportation is one of the biggest needs for many refugees. Refugees need help getting to medical appointments, government offices, grocery stores, their jobs, and more.

To learn more and to become an approved volunteer, please email Clay Mitchell at

Learn More Today

To learn more about Beathany Christian Services and their refugee resettlement program, visit their website at the link below!

To talk to one of our church leaders, email or call our office at 407-644-2906.