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Panua Trip, Day 1: Jambo!


2 males; 6 females. 2 high school seniors. The 2nd Panua trip in less than a year for 3; first Kenya trip for 3. First Panua mission trip for 5. 8 total travelers in the group.

In Naivasha: 200 youth; 10 mentors; 5 staff.

1 mission. Panua.

Our group has arrived in Nairobi, and we’ll be traveling early Sunday morning to Naivasha, timed to worship with friends (new friends to some of our group, “old” friends to several). 

We’ll be posting and sharing throughout our time here, as we meet and visit with the youth who began the 3-year Panua program in this past January. Lots of work and friendship-making ahead!