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The Word of the Day – Gratitude

Kenya Mission Team A, Day 2

Even though we’ve lost 7 hours crossing the ocean and our sense of day/night/time is gone, we are still a happy bunch.  We gathered at 3pm Dubai time (which is what? umm, subtract 8… 7am Saturday in Florida) for a quick devotion before boarding our flight to Nairobi.  A few more in-air meals and movies and before we knew it, we were in Kenya! 

We were met at the airport by Sammy, our exuberant driver who has been a friend to Inua Mission Teams for years.  Sammy had us laughing all the way to our hotel, where we said quick goodnights and headed to bed.

We are thankful for a safe and uneventful journey to Kenya.  We are thankful for pillows, showers and bottled water. We are thankful Loran was able to get her Visa approval as we checked through customs. We are thankful for one another.  We are thankful for a loving God who has opened this opportunity for us to learn, grow and share His love on the other side of the globe.