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The Word of the Day – Anticipation  

Kenya Mission Team A, Day 1

Eight team members gathered at the Orlando Airport this morning, greeted by the amazing Carol Smith with prayers for a truly blessed departure and mission trip experience. We were met with smooth check-ins, easy TSA clearance, and seamless boarding (except for one small hiccup of a temporarily misplaced cellphone…um, Ivor. Oops, was that out loudJ)

We each received an envelope filled with personalized notes expressing love and prayer for our journey and the mission God has planned for us. He has brought each one of us to this place at this time. We might not know our role or how the trip may impact us or those in Kenya, but we are centered on having open hearts and loving spirits.  

We settled in, side by side, for the 14-hour marathon to Dubai.  The “Sleep Winner” of that flight drifted off for a whopping three hours.  We have nearly four hours to spend in the Dubai airport. We are tired and overfed on airplane food, but cheerful and full of anticipation.