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Street Eats Bags Bring People Together

You’ve probably seen our Street Eats bags available on Sunday mornings to take to someone you encounter over the course of your week who is in need. They are full of food items, a bottle of water, and a card filled with resource information. They also have a sticker on the front that says “Know You Are Loved.” When someone is given one of the bags, we hope they understand that no matter what, they are loved.

Stuart is one of our members who gives out these bags often – so much so that his mentees in South Orange Blossom Trail recognize the bags around the neighborhood and know where they came from! He says that when he gives a bag to someone, others around him are more inclined to give instead of ignore the person in need. It also allows him to get to know the people he is helping, learn their names, their stories, and other needs they have.

If you’re interested in assembling Street Eats bags, join us for our Family Serve Night on June 21st. Check the May Monthly Newsletter for more information about the event and registration!