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Connect Group Stories

Why are Connect Groups so important in our faith journey?

“Strangers who became friends and are now like family – this is how I think about the amazing people in my small group. I never knew how special and important it was to have individuals like this in my life until my husband and I joined this group and have never been more thankful God led us to them. Over the last two and a half years, we have celebrated, cried, laughed, hugged, encouraged and loved with them. We have delved into Scripture and picked it apart in ways that brought cool new light and meaning to it. God has spoken to me countless times through my friends in this group and has taught me some remarkable things in this way. I am thankful to have a group of fun, God-fearing people I can trust, count on, and disciple with. My faith is much deeper and richer because of my Connect Group.”  ~Candace Jadidian


“Participating in a Connect Group has been a great experience.  The open dialog and interaction of all members of the group is a great complement to the Sunday services.  Although we often don’t solve many issues of the day, we do discuss them.  But more important than the issues at hand, understanding the perspective and background of each individual participating in the small group conversation has been an advancement in the Christian discipline of simply learning loving one another. 

Certain statements made by others in my group have often become phrases (quotes) that I will never forget and will use often with others and at home with my family members.  What makes these phrases most memorable and impactful is ultimately not the phrase itself but rather who said them and how well I have gotten to know that person.  It seems like the most influential people in my life are not those who are just like me, but rather those individuals who are uniquely different from me. 

My personal advice would be to join a small group and bring all your unanswered questions.  Enjoy and listen to the unique perspectives and life experiences found in others as well as maybe share your God given uniqueness with those strangers who sit right next to you each Sunday.”   ~Steve Hofman

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