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Panua Trip, Blog 3: Clean Water

Today will start the meat of the trip.  We will travel to meet with the Sanctuary working group, encourage them, interact with them and collect any messages they might want to send back to their prayer partners.  Then we will visit some youth businesses that have been started and hopefully connect with some previous graduates.  We will be eating lunch with Lillian.  You will remember her video where she has opened her own small restaurant.  We have visited her twice since she has opened and she is doing very well.  In addition to her restaurant trade, she has begun catering events and has developed a good reputation.  We will be presenting her with a couple of water filters that have  been graciously donated by Kohler.  One of the trip participants and church members works for Kohler.  All of us on this trip work together in some capacity or other and while on a visit to the Kohler headquarters we noticed  a product that they have developed, the Kohler Clarity water filter.  It takes unclean water, filters it and provides clean drinking water in a resivour.  The company has a stewardship program where they offer this product in areas that are in need of clean drinking water across the world.  They have donated 100 of these filters and we are very grateful.  You can learn more if you google Kohler Clarity.

The water issue is always one that is of concern here.  We take for granted that when we turn the faucet handle that water will come out and we seldom worry about leaving the tap running.  Think about how much water you use on a daily basis, volume and what you use it for.  Now think about waking up and deciding where you will go to get water for the day.  You’ll have to account for cooking, washing the dishes, bathing, brushing your teeth, etc.  Now after getting the water and using it, you hope it is clean.  You hope you don’t get sick, because if you get sick, you can’t work. You don’t work, you don’t get paid, you don’t get paid, you don’t eat.  You don’t eat, you don’t get well. You can see the pattern.

Larry Brown