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Mission Work at Reeves

Our vision of being a Vibrant Family is rooted in 3 key elements we value: worship, multigenerational connections, and service/mission. We continue to see and hear stories from our church family that demonstrate these 3 elements! One story we’d like to share in particular is recent mission work over at the Reeves Campus.

Over the past several weeks, the Reeves Campus has been alive with activity! The University Carillon UMC youth group, Converge, came by several days to clean, organize, paint, garden and help set up the Trinity Christian Academy (TCA) Preschool – which is set to open at Reeves this August!  Their lively spirit was contagious as they worked alongside each other to help be the hands and feet of Jesus. Each day a different group from this week-long camp came by and simply said “We’re here to help, what do you need?” What a great example of not only Christian community and service, but a huge testimony to the hearts of our United Methodist youth.

Our very own youth group Elevate followed the Converge team the next week by taking it a step farther! Elevate even stayed overnight at the Reeves Campus for a week-long mission to serve the community. The Elevate theme and mission for the week stemmed from the scripture found in Matthew 25; “When you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!”

Elevate brought new life to the Reeves Campus by tackling the large project of weeding and laying mulch on the campus during 90-degree days. Each day  Elevate broke into smaller groups; some going out to feed the homeless, others to bake and bring cookies to our first responders, while others headed to Clean the World and Rise Against Hunger.  They worked selflessly and passionately during the day before ending with a beautiful worship service led by Michael Leblanc, Director of Student Ministries.

When you look at these teens you see the future. The future of not only the United Methodist Church, but of our world; of what it could be if we truly strived each day to be the hands and feet of Jesus and love “the least of these.”