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Panua Trip, Blog 1: Big Impressions

“The group made it to Naivasha and Naivasha made a big impression on this group.  This is the first time for the 4 guys with me and the thing they keep saying is that they had no idea….. Even though we who have been can describe what we see, what we feel, what we smell or eat or experience, there’s no way to really convey what this country is like.  No adequate way to help you understand how great the need is.  And yes, there is need everywhere, but this is where we have thrown our hat and this is where we need to do our best. I pray that our best is going to make a difference. 

Today we met with the Viwandani Heros working group.  After the usual very formal introductions, songs, and prayers Florence introduced James (a graduate from the first cycle).  He gave his story about perseverance and how he has become successful because of what Panua had taught him.  He went through several years of different directions in his life after graduation.  He had started farming which was fine and paying his bills, but he wanted more.  The money he made from his farming allowed him to take two courses, one in electrical wiring, and one mechanical engineering.  He put those two things together and now he builds and sells welding machines that are durable and have developed a reputation throughout town.  He offers a warranty and is dedicated to building a customer base that will rely on his special skills.  His point, which had all the youth paying attention was that “life is not for cry babies, get up and face it head on”!  Take what Panua offers and find for yourself what you can do that can make you different than others, and use it to improve your life and the lives around you.  James, you nailed it.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about what we are doing with some donated water filters and how those can be used to improve lives as well.”

– Larry Brown