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Lent 2020

Join our journey to discipleship this Lent! Our Lenten sermon series, “166 Hours”, will focus on Michael Frost’s book Surprise the World!, a study of five habits that offer simple ways to connect more intentionally with God and our neighbors.

Why 166 Hours?

There are 168 hours in a week. If you are an American Christian, the likeliness of your Christian life taking much more than two of those hours is minimal. Most Christians go to church on Sunday morning for an hour and then they might make a small group or dinner to tack on an extra hour. What do we do with the other 166 hours of our week? Are they not part of our spiritual life, too? When we read about Jesus’ way of life we see him living a full 168-hour life. If we are to follow Jesus we should be following his lifestyle. We must live out the other 166 hours!

The Lenten workbook is about practices that help us live into those other 166 hours. These are practices to use in your life to live a different rhythm – a rhythm that will guide you to love God and love neighbor because this truly is the greatest commandment. Some of the practices might seem familiar like prayer or studying scripture. Others might seem unusual, like blessing someone or eating with them. But, all-in-all, they all help point you to a fuller life, a 168-hour life – one of seeing things anew, one of seeing human-flourishing taking form in the kingdom of God, one full of love, hope, joy and peace.  We hope you will consider joining us on this journey for the season of Lent.

Download Workbook Here

Surprise the World!

To join us on this Lenten Journey, you will need to purchase Surprise the World! by Michael Frost and grab a copy of the supplemental booklet that will guide you on what to read and practice each week of Lent. Our goal is to journey together as a family through sermons, reading, and the practice of new spiritual disciplines. Surprise the World! can be purchased in the Courtyard on Mar. 1 & 8, as well as the front office during the week.