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Embracing the Vision: Sharing God’s Word in the Nursery!

Sharing God’s Word in the Nursery!

Children’s ministry is a critical way that we at FUMCWP reach families and the younger generation. You may not have realized that—even before Noah’s Ark and Promiseland begin—our kids are learning of the Bible and God’s work at a young age in the Nursery. “The Nursery too is a learning place, a place where the Word of God is written on the hearts of our little ones through both word and song,” says Dawn Peterson, Nursery/Noah’s Ark Supervisor. 

Foundations of Discipleship

During the Contemporary Service on Sunday mornings, our 2-3 years olds engage with a Bible study that exposes them to the love of God. This Fall our little ones studied David. In particular, they learned of the story of David and how “God can help me.” 

  • God can help me anywhere. 
  • God can help me do anything. 
  • God can help me do hard things.
  • God can help me help others.
  • We can praise God because He helps us.

From a developmental standpoint, starting this type of discipleship at a young age exposes the children to a setting of learning, helps to build a routine within their lives, and prepares them for entering into the Noah’s Ark program. Dawn continues, “We are excited to have lively and hands-on Nursery workers who have a real passion for sharing discipleship with our children.”

Serving Other Ministries

The Nursery is a unique ministry. In addition to the learning the occurs during the Sunday service, the Nursery provides childcare on weeknights and for special events so that our other ministries may thrive. As adults are serving the church through various avenues—whether it’s an adult morning ministry, during Wednesday Night Live, or in leadership classes, etc.,—the nursery allows for focused work in these other initiatives, knowing their children are being lovingly cared for.  

Using Technology to Ease the Transition

As we work to expand the Nursery ministry, one of the recent updates includes an electronic check-in system. Moving away from the physical sign-in sheets, we now offer a security system that allows for mobile check-ins through a phone or iPad. The benefit to our little ones here is the ease of transition into the Nursery setting. No longer are there lines and wait times and this reduces the anxiety these 2-3 year olds have. Logistically speaking, parents are provided a security code through the mobile check-in and a label is placed on the back of the child. “This is just one example of the intentionality we have within the Nursery ministry to provide a safe, loving place to begin sharing the Word of God,” says Dawn.