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Embracing the Vision: Fall Is Here!

Fall is here!

 As the leaves begin to turn and the mornings become a bit more crisp we, at First United Methodist Church of Winter Park, are blessed to experience fall across our campuses. 

Our vibrant family hosted a few events where we had to opportunity to connect in community in the midst of autumn. These on-campus events included: The Trinity Christian Academy (TCA) Pumpkin Patch and The Methodist School for Early Education (MSEE) Fall Festival and Silent Auction!  

Did you visit the Pumpkin Patch? 

The front lawn at TCA transformed October 14-31, 2017 to a field of pumpkins and gourds, welcoming the local community to enjoy the outdoor weather and spirit of the season. From bounce houses to baked goods – and of course pumpkins – the proceeds benefit TCA as we strive to provide a safe, Christian caring place for children to learn and grow. Whether you saw the Pumpkin Patch signs that lined South Street, journeyed to TCA because of annual tradition, or visited the TCA Pumpkin Patch for the first time – we appreciate your support as we continue to broaden our children’s ministry. “The Pumpkin Patch is not just a way to raise support for TCA but it is a venue for creating family memories. We are excited to be part of the lives of our families as they stop by to select the pumpkins families decorate their homes with, carve for fall festivities, and use to welcome the season of Thanksgiving. The precious fall experiences made during these years in a child’s live stay with families as memories” says Stacie Wilson, Early Childhood Director at TCA.

Another Fall Festival Success

The annual Fall Festival and Silent Auction took place Saturday October 21, 2017 on the MSEE campus. This year the Fall Festival fell on the same day as the Panua 5K Race in Baldwin Park. “We felt the community of the church as many folks came over after the Panua 5K and carried the fellowship from one ministry to the next” says Rosemary Ubinger, Director of MSEE. All the preparation and 6-months of passionate planning came to fruition with in the warmth from the sun on Saturday afternoon as our campus welcomed visitors and supporters alike. A few of this year’s highlights include: 

  • A performance from Studio 150 and an interactive class in afternoon.  
  • The front lawn showcasing the petting zoo – ducks, goats, donkeys, and more.  

“This festival is a way we are able to welcome the Winter Park community, current families within the school, and our alumni. Through this event, we have an opportunity to reconnect with members of the community who may not be a part of the daily life at MSEE,” says Rosemary.  

Silent Auction in Review

The Silent Auction followed the Fall Festival. In addition to over 300+ traditional auction items such as vacation, entertainment, dining, toys, etc. we benefited from a series of Gifts from the Heart. Some of these unique items that were up for auction: 

  • A Dynamic Storytime with Pastor David.  
  • An Interactive Nativity Experience with Pastor Jayne during the holiday season. 
  • A Creative Dinner from the hands of Randy Parsons, Director of Hospitality.  

One of the advanced features of this year’s auction was the ability for mobile bidding. Those interested in supporting MSEE were no longer limited to being on site during the event. “We were able to engage out-of-state family members and supporters who moved from the Winter Park area. I’m excited to see how this technology will continue to grow the reach of MSEE,” says Rosemary.