Center for Creative Discipleship

The Center for Creative Discipleship offers five self-directed studies for a deeper journey with one of the transformational habits in Michael Frost’s book Surprise the World. We call this journey a “pilgrimage” and each study a “trail,” recognizing that discipleship begins with Jesus’ invitation to get up and “Follow Me.”

Each trail is guided by a MAP, a collection of “Moments Along the Pilgrimage.” There will be a MAP prepared by the Trail Guide, a member of First UMC of Winter Park who has studied, taught, and been transformed by that habit. You will also have a MAP to complete, a collection of your own moments on the journey and journal entries in response to questions and inspiration offered by the Trail Guide.

Beyond the MAP, each trail is different. At the CFCD we believe in the fundamental power of spiritual creativity. Each Trail Guide had freedom to personalize the length of the journey, group size, communication style, and a number of other details. Each trail is built from the guide’s own story of discipleship, so it’s only fitting that each trail is unique.

Look for new session start dates coming soon!