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Agua Viva Serves, Post #1: Welcome to Los Chiles!

“We all arrived yesterday safely at 7:00pm after a long day of traveling. The group got up this morning and ate breakfast at 8:00am. The group was super excited for church in the morning! We all got in there van after a delicious breakfast at Thelma’s and made our way to church. The kids sung some songs with the locals. Then, the kids went to another service in a different room. Also, the young kids made cards for their dad’s for Father’s Day. While, the older kids made bowtie gifts. In the other service, the moms sang Amazing Grace. After church, we all got back in the van and went on a little trip back to Thelma’s.

At Thelma’s, we had a delicious lunch that consisted of burgers, pasta, and of course rice and beans. After lunch, we all went back to our rooms and put on shorts and t-shirts to get ready to go to visit the water towers made by Agua Viva. All of the kids climbed up on a water tower built by Agua Viva. We passed by Agua Viva’s 50th water tower with a cross made by the locals. Adding to that, we visited the first well by Agua Viva. Finally, the group made it ways down to a river to go on a river adventure! On the river we saw monkeys, fish, and birds. On the river adventure, we all got to cross the border of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. After a long day of fun, we made our way back to Thelma’s and enjoyed pizza for dinner and devotion.”

~Macy Akins