A vibrant family built on God’s grace, who share a passion for the Word of God, living and serving in the image of Jesus the Christ.

To fulfill this mission and purpose, we look to live into this new vision in the coming years. With this vision, our vibrant family benefits from expanded preaching and music offerings, a greater entrepreneurial spirit, stronger connectional opportunities, a strengthened and active membership, and long-term alignment of resources. This vision calls for restructuring and reorganization of our ministry teams. This restructure allows our church the opportunity to align and support, not only this new vision but ultimately, the mission of the church. We are able to empower the lay leaders of our church’s ministries to be more involved in decisions. We are able to build accountability between our ministry teams to create lines of communication and resourcing between the Leadership Council and ministries. And, we are able to increase collaboration across our ministries while aligning toward our vision.

Letters from Our Pillar Leaders

We are excited about what this year holds for our church family and community. Here are the annual letters from our 2020 Pillar Leaders.

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