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England Day 1: Thinking of Abraham

I have been thinking about Abraham today.  Robyn and I are taking care of last minute details before leaving on our trip to England.  We are being sent on a continuing education event sponsored by the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church. For 10 days we will be touring sites related to John Wesley.  Though our flight today (Tuesday).  Our trip really began on Monday.  That’s when we took our children to the airport for their flight to Minnesota where they will be spending two weeks with my sister Lisa.  Let’s just say they weren’t terribly excited that we are leaving the country without them.  Oh, and our youngest came down with strep throat on Saturday!  You are welcome Aunt Lisa!

Anyway, my point is that traveling to England for 10 days isn’t something that happens at the drop of a hat.  Getting the children off, taking the dog to the sitter, changing money, doing the laundry, stopping the mail, making sure the phone works overseas, and making arrangements to miss work are just some of things that go into traveling for a while.  Which brings me back to Abraham.  In Genesis chapter 12, God comes to Abraham (then Abram) and says:   “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.”  And Abraham grabs his bride, packs the house, loads off the camel and sets off to a place he has never seen. He doesn’t even know how far it is or what direction it is!  And yet he goes. 

I wonder what that was like for Abraham.  Was it chaotic?  Was he excited?  How did he manage such a change?  I travel for ten days and the earth moves.  Why would Abraham do such a thing?   Why would anyone do such a thing?  St. John of the Cross once said – to come to the knowledge you have not you must go by a way in which you know not!  Perhaps the power of travel – whether for 10 days or for the foreseeable future lies in going a way which we know not.  And in doing so come to new knowledge.  At least I hope so!  More tomorrow.  For now – may you find a new way to go today!