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The Word of the Day – Prepare. 

Kenya Mission Team A, Day 7

As our families back home begin to prepare for a massive hurricane, we are busy preparing for tomorrow’s graduation ceremony.

We spent our entire morning with the Inua Staff in their office in downtown Naivasha.  Some of us had meetings about things like a graduate/alumni program or tweaking the Inua Mission Statement, others worked on reprinting a few graduation certificates that need edits.  Others loaded caps and gowns into the van for transport to the church, which some spent time next door at the Inua Salon and Training center.  It was a busy and productive morning with lots of chatter about youth transformations, updates on Inua youth from Cycle 1 and 2,  and excitement for Friday.  

We toured the large market area and had a quick lunch before returning to the hotel.  It was only 5pm so we decided we had enough time before dinner to enjoy a hippo boat ride on Lake Naivasha.  We insisted that our van driver, Sammy, come with us as he had NEVER been on a boat ride before. We love Sammy!  We were able to get up close to several safari animals on Crescent Island — so unique with its access to wildlife… zebra, impala, giraffe and water buck graze free here after being left behind when the island was used to shooting the movie “Out of Africa.” 

It was an amazing day and we feel prepared for all of the excitement tomorrow promises.