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The Word of the Day – Grace

Kenya Mission Team A, Day 4

“Out of the fullness of his grace he has blessed us all, giving us one blessing after another.” John 1:16 

It is another beautiful day in Kenya… beautiful weather, beautiful people, beautiful souls.  We spent the day immersed with Inua youth.  We started back at the church with a Zone 1 meeting.  (Zone 1 is comprised of 4 separate groups.) Roughly 30 youth proudly shared their stories of transformation and success.  A highlight was Philip W.,  a young man who gave thanks to God for allowing him to not only start his own video production business, but also form his own outreach to help drug users. 

They each received their last letter of support and congratulations from the prayer partners in the US.  There was much singing, picture-taking and capturing video messages of thanks to bring home to Florida. We can’t wait to share story after story with friends of Inua back home.  

After a mission-team lunch at a local coffee shop, Sammy navigated some tricky roads through an area named Kayole.  Here we met over 20 teens and young adults hoping to join Inua’s next cycle.  This was an info-session of sorts. It served to give the youth more information about what Inua is all about while giving us a quick contrast to the morning’s group – those not yet in the program vs. those about to graduate.  

We were struck by their honest, heartfelt expressions of hopelessness as well as the familiar aloofness of teens we know back home who have no clue what it takes to live on their own. It was in this meeting that Inua’s program stood out as the much-needed guide to usher youth, with no parent or role model, through challenging years toward sustainability and adulthood. 

The grace of the Lord is continuing to open doors and shine upon this program, its mentors, volunteers, youth and staff.  Thank you, God.