Devotion from Pastor Craig

Show Notes:

  • As always, here is the sermon in its entirety as well as a bulleted summary.
  • Here is the leadership book that I mentioned in the podcast and believe that I have mentioned before, but hey, it is so good here is another plug, A Failure of Nerve.
    • “[A well-differentiated person] is someone who has clarity about his or her own life goals, and, therefore, someone who is less likely to become lost in the anxious emotional processes swirling about. I mean someone who can separate while still remaining connected, and therefore can maintain a modifying, non-anxious and sometimes challenging presence.”
  • I mentioned a couple of months ago, “Page CXVI” as a group that I had been listening to for their updated hymns. I will add to that Reawaken Hymnsby Nathan Drake as another artist that preforms modern hymns and has served as a great companion in my ear throughout this season. 
  • A podcast recommendation: This podcast is an interview of the current president of the University of Florida by Mike Patz, the pastor of the church I went to in undergrad and referenced last week. President Fuchs has to be about the only public university president that has a Masters of Divinity degree! A great interview and perspective on leadership in a pluralistic society.