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Security Task Force Update

Last year, our church’s Leadership Council formed a Security ­Task Force charged with assessing the safety and related security procedures of both our Winter Park Campus and the Reeves Center. After 6 months of intensive review and stakeholder engagement, this team has proposed a phased recommendation that demonstrates our commitment to creating a secure environment while preserving the welcoming spirit of our church. The Leadership Council unanimously approved this proposal and asked the team to move forward with implementation and funding. The same team will begin to outline the actions, schedule activities, and continue to communicate as we progress. Below is an outline of key recommendations with estimated costs.

Phase 1 (Immediate Action for 2024):

  • Emergency Procedures & Training: Specialized training in emergency preparedness for staff and volunteers. Developing security policies that focus on areas within our church that house vulnerable populations, such as children and members of Brain Fitness Academy. (Total Cost: $0 – covered by existing budgets)
  • Minimize Entry Points: Enhancements include access controls (badge access and keypads), gates, and fence installations on both campuses. (Total Cost: $107,100)
  • Cameras and Surveillance: Upgrades and additions to the surveillance system for improved security monitoring. (Total Cost: $35,300)
  • Lighting: Improvements to enhance safety and visibility in parking lots and courtyards. (Total Cost: $31,500)
  • Existing Safety Items: Maintenance checks to enhance the reliability of safety features. (Cost: $0 – part of regular maintenance)
  • Phase 1 Contingency Plan: Provision for unforeseen expenses. ($5,000)

Phase 2 (Planned for 2025):

  • Security Officers: Introduction of professional security personnel during critical times. ($50 an hour)
  • Sanctuary Doors: Upgrading external doors for better security. ($60,000)

The Marcy Trust has generously provided a grant of $69,000 toward our Phase One expenditures of $178,900. We are asking for financial support from our church community for the remaining $110,000. Your generous donations will directly contribute to safeguarding our congregation and ensuring a safe, welcoming space for worship and fellowship. Together, we can achieve a secure environment that reflects our shared values and commitment to the well-being of all members of our church family. We ask that you pray for the work of this team and look for more information as the implementation begins. If you have any questions, please email Pastor Philip at