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Panua Update

The sun is shining, weather is pleasantly cool and I am anxiously waiting to take part in today’s worship service. Our Pastor Miller will be delivering the sermon this morning and we will be taking communion as well. Lunch will be taken at the church and then in the afternoon, all three pastors (Scott Smith from Ormond Beach and Roy Terry from Naples along with David) will conduct a session of pastor training with a group of local Methodist ministers. This will be a busy day for the pastors, but for me it will be a chance to soak up a memorable worship experience.

Tomorrow starts the busy schedule we have in front of us as we will meet with the staff of Panua, and then meet with as many of the Panua Youth Groups as time will allow. This will give us a chance to see how they are progressing in the program. I’m especially excited to meet with the Karigita group as I had the opportunity to be there when that group was being taken into Panua and heard their individual stories. For those of you back in Winter Park who were there that day, you will remember how difficult that day was to witness the need in that community. From all the reports we get from the staff here as they monitor the progress, I am hopeful that this will be a much different experience. As we are 7 hours ahead of you, I hope that you all will be in prayer for all here as we move through this coming week.