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Temporary Signage Policy


  • Sign content should adhere to the FUMCWP Code of Conduct.
  • The Marketing & Communications Ministry will review the materials to assure they align with our Brand Guidelines.
  • Signage should show connection to the church using co-branded logos as appropriate.

Approval Process:

Artwork should be submitted to the Marketing & Communications Ministry for approval before placing order with vendor or sending to print. Requests to put out temporary signs must be submitted by emailing

Depending on the volume of submissions, you can expect a turnaround time of 3-5 business days for this approval process.

Who is responsible for creating this artwork?

  • Please view communication guidelines for church-wide and ministry events here: Download PDF
  • Please note: The Marketing & Communications Ministry will assist in the creation of ministry event signage if it is intended to be reused on a regular basis. (For example: The Ruth Rummage Sale is a ministry event that uses the same Lawn Banner each year.)

Locations, Dimensions & Duration:

Signs may only be placed in approved locations seen below. The approved locations and dimensions are due to space regulations at FUMCWP and Winter Park/Orlando City Restrictions regarding outdoor signage.

Winter Park Campus:

Reeves Center:

Not Prohibited:

  • Signs shall not be attached to other structures, including but not limited to doors, hallway walls, benches, trees, light poles, or trash cans;
  • Signs shall not block sidewalks or delay the flow of pedestrian, emergency, or vehicle traffic;
  • Poorly constructed, fallen, or weather damaged signs will be removed

Recommended Vendors:

Estimated Cost:

  • Posters (11in x 17in) – Printed in House: No charge
  • Flyers (8.5in x 11in) – Printer in House: No charge
  • Vinyl Outdoor Banner (4ft x 8ft) – approx. $190 per banner
  • Yard Sign (24in x 18in) – approx. $20 per yard sign

Sign Removal:

Individuals or entities who post approved signs must remove the signs after the duration period as indicated in the “Location, Dimensions, & Duration” section above.  Any signs that are not removed by the end of the allowable time limit, or otherwise fail to adhere to the procedure above, will be removed by our Facilities Team.


Exceptions to this procedure need to be approved by the Marketing & Communications Ministry, who may recommend guidance from our Senior Leadership or the Chief Operations Officer. FUMCWP reserves the right to limit and/or restrict the use of temporary signs.