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New Member Class Testimonial

We believe you will find the FUMCWP new member classes to be informative, invitational, and engaging. From its first to last moments we felt a part of a caring community and came to know our new classmates as partners in shared learning. Our pastors provided us with easily understood explanations of the deep core principles of Methodism. Additionally, their guided “walkthrough” of the Bible renewed and reacquainted us with all the resources it provides for personal study and prayer. Perhaps the most meaningful moments of the three-night series were those spent with congregational lay leaders. Their stories demonstrated one of the main reasons we chose to join this church.  To be sure, our church feeds our spirits in worship and through its family ministries. However, it is a vibrant family because we are invited to involvement and service. We are a multigenerational community with countless opportunities to be in fellowship with other members on an ongoing basis. Simply put, each of us may choose to live out our faith with a fellowship group most meaningful for us. And there are countless multigenerational options for us to do so. We think you’ll find the new member program will prepare you to go deeper in your faith journey and invite you into a welcoming fellowship community.

~Lloyd Jaeger and Beth Ann Miller

Are you interested in becoming a member? We would love to invite you to our next set of new member classes this July via Zoom!