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New Member Class Testimonial from Jennifer Richardson

Are you interested in becoming a member? We would love to invite you to our next new member class this October via Zoom!

FUMCWP is our ‘home away from home’. That’s what comes to mind when I think about our decision to become church members. Neither my husband nor I grew up around here, and on top of that we came from different faith backgrounds, so we were a blank slate in search of a church that felt like the right fit for us.

For us, FUMCWP has become a center for learning, serving, and community. It’s a place where I can grow as a person and feel a sense of belonging. I learn through book studies, sermons, and classes. The kids learn at Sunday school and VBS, they also go to preschool at MSEE. They have so many role models to look up to here, and are creating friendships and laying spiritual groundwork that will hopefully help define their childhood and provide lifelong fruit.

I serve through Hannah’s Closet, Family Promise, and sometimes teaching the kids on Sundays. Being able to serve others as a group through our church ministries feels effective and meaningful. There are ministries to fit almost any cause you’re passionate about. And the best part, we are surrounded with community all along the way by learning & serving with really wonderful and interesting people. This community has provided me mentorship, deep conversations, and friendship.

We may not be able to be together on campus right now, but there is still much to be gained in the meantime as we look forward to seeing each other on the playground or in the courtyard again. Joining our church has been a blessing and has added so much to my life; I invite you to join too.

Jennifer Richardson, Member