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Living into the Vision: A Dinner Event Review

Living into the Vision: A Dinner Event

Last Sunday, our church family gathered together off-sight for our Living into the Vision: A Dinner Event. It was a time of fellowship and community focused on dialogue regarding key opportunities for our church in the coming year.

Pastor David shared with our church family that, “Last year, I met with several hundred church members in home groups, 15 to 20 at a time.  During those gatherings, I shared some of the challenges I believed we were facing as a church.  And I listened to feedback.” Read more of his remarks from this impactful event regarding the four key opportunities our church is facing this year.

Unity Prayer

During the event, our time focused on the importance of unity within our vibrant family. Let us continue to direct our hearts towards unity by sharing a common prayer together:

Loving God,

We are grateful for this community with such a diversity of gifts and stories that make us who we are.

Keep our focus on the mission to make disciples of all people. Guide our hearts as we worship together, strengthen our relationships, and fortify our devotion to Christ-like service as a church family.

Allow us to embody unity as we move together to participate in God’s kingdom.

Remind us, God, that we are each a needed member of this church family and that we have an individual responsibility to respond to the calling you have placed in our lives.

Let us sense your grace and presence as we face the future together as a vibrant family.


Opportunities Ahead of our Vibrant Family 

Further, the event continued to direct our hearts and minds towards our vision of being a vibrant family built on God’s grace, who share a passion for the Word of God, living and serving in the image of Jesus the Christ. Each of our pillars is facing specific opportunities this year. Learn more about each below:

  • Christ-like Servants: We pray to strengthen our tangible example of and commitment to Christ-like service. Through the Foundry Orlando, help us live into the kingdom of God in the Orlando community.
    • Click here for more information on The Foundry Orlando.
  • Gracious Hosts: We pray to grow in community together and strengthen our family ministry as we support the spiritual, educational, physical and emotional growth of our whole church family.
    • Click here for our Family Director update.
  • Passionate Seekers: We pray to be encouraged as we seek a mature faith. Guide our church family’s movement into intentional connect groups to enrich discipleship.
    • Click here to learn more about Connect Groups.
  • Vibrant Family: We pray for guidance as we include, equip, care for, and support all members of our vibrant family. We pray for unity and peace for the future of our local 42,000+ congregations within our global denomination.
    • Click here information on our response to The Way Forward.