Connect Groups


What is a Connect Group?
A connect group is 8-12 people sharing a Christ-centered discipleship journey. The group meets regularly to foster spiritual growth, a sense of belonging, and to equip themselves for life and the journey.

What are the core elements of Connect Groups?
Relationship building, prayer, outreach, service and study. Connect groups can have one or all of these elements.

Who should participate in Connect Groups?
All who desire to grow in faith and find strength for daily living.

Why do we need Connect Groups?
In the midst of busy lives, overcommitted schedules, and the gridlock of daily living, it is too easy to feel alone.

For more information, contact [email protected] or visit our leadership page for the staff contact.

How do you start this journey?  Well, first let us know if you want to find a group, start a group, or simply learn more. 


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connectgroup1“I was saved within a Connect Group setting while in college. God reached me through people who were in the same walk of life, fellow students. Years later I met my wife through a similar Connect Group being in community with those in the same stage of young adult life. We’ve hosted our own life groups since and have walked through various stages of life together which included miscarriage, job loss, moves, adopting our beautiful son, and more. It’s very personal and it’s a great way to grow, through relationships with others.”

This is what Connect Groups are all about, Leading one another to the feet of Christ and living out our faith together in community. We are looking for people who like us are passionate about Connect Groups, willing to facilitate a group like this in 2019.

connectgroup2“I believe in connect groups, and how God uses these connections between us to draw us closer to Himself. He definitely sharpens our faith as we walk alongside each other. 

I actually didn’t love the first couple of connect groups I tried, but I didn’t give up on finding the right fit for me. My husband and I started attending a married couples group, years ago, and we hit it off with everyone. Something just clicked there. 

Into our second year of meeting together, our church suffered the terrible loss of our lead pastor. It was a great time of transition and uncertainty for the whole congregation. I know if it weren’t for the strong bond we formed in our connect group, we would not have transitioned through that season as well. We felt God leading us within our meetings and studies, despite the turmoil at the head of our church. Our group still meets till this day, years later.  We do life together. We’ve become great friends, accountability partners and supporters of each other’s faith. We’ve truly become a spiritual family.”