Health and Wholeness

The purpose of the Health and Wholeness Ministry is to promote the physical and spiritual health of our vibrant church family and the caring for God’s creation. Through information, resources, health screenings, classes, educational programs, and special events this ministry aims to inform our congregation and community about caring for our mind, body spirit and all of creation. The activities and resources are relevant for all ages to are able to call to serve Him and lead an abundant life. Through health and wholeness, we become prepared to fulfill our purpose by serving others, supporting and caring one another, worshiping, praying, caring for creation and our natural resources.

Activities and programs include:

  • Mindful Living experiences such as weekly yoga classes and focused prayer gatherings
  • Workshops on nutrition and healthy eating and fitness
  • Recycling candles at Christmas eve
  • Regularly offered presentations by health experts about topics frequently faced by adults of all ages
  • Neighbor to Neighbor, which pairs members of our vibrant family to connect before and after a storm
  • Medical Supply Closet includes wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs and crutches are available for use as needed
  • Bereavement and Support including Walking the Mourners Path