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It’s better when you’re here.

It’s better when you’re here. You’ve heard that somewhere, haven’t you? It’s kind of my refrain as your youth minister. I am constantly sharing with students, parents, and volunteers that it is better when you are here. What do I mean when I say that? Well in order for us to know we, of course, have to talk about casseroles.

I married into a lovely family that introduced this recovering northerner to the wonderful world of casseroles. Broccoli casserole, green bean casserole, and of course, the pineapple casserole. When my family gets together, everyone brings a dish that they are known for. There is always a main, and there are always casseroles as side dishes. The more people at the gathering, the richer the diversity of the table. My dear wife is an incredible cook and her tomato tarts have become quite well known. Whenever we are not at the table, we are missed and so are those tarts. The dinner, while still very good, lacks a certain sharpness that tomato tarts bring.

Our church is just the exact same. When you are here, the diversity of our table grows. With Christ at the center of all (ALL!) of our gatherings, and we, the side dishes, create the great diversity around the table. A certain sweetness is missing when you aren’t here. There is an absence of something that will make us stronger. We still have the main, but who doesn’t love the side dishes? And that is why it is better when you’re here.

Grace & Peace

Michael LeBlanc – Director of Student Ministry

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