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Family Promise: A Heartfelt Letter from Richard

Today is Labor Day and my alarm went off at a regular time. I am used to, by now, to get up and moving by 7:30 AM. The house is quiet as my wife and kids are sleeping. I started the coffee and breakfast. The smell of scrambled eggs and toast went all around the house, and one by one started to wake up. Luis was first, of course. He recently discovered the extraordinary combination of salty and sweet of peanut butter and jelly so he told me that he would pass on the eggs. I responded with a smile, but completely understood where he was coming from. Yahaira was next, coffee gets her every time. It is after a few sips that she starts realizing that she is up. Linda was last, also no surprise there. She wanted to go back to bed, but the eggs had her name written all over it. She says I make the best eggs in the world while opening her arms as wide as possible. I happen to agree.

What a morning! We sat at the table, looked at each other…

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