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Devotion: Revelation & Apocalyptic Literature

We are in the middle of reading the book of Revelation. Thank you for all the questions! One of the biggest questions I have received is, “This book is SO strange; how do I read this book?” Great question. The Revelation is Apocalyptic literature. The Bible Project team says this about Apocalyptic literature: “In the Bible, an apocalypse is what happens when someone is exposed to the transcendent reality of God’s perspective. An apocalypse is a confrontation with the divine so intense that it transforms how a person views everything. An Apocalypse is Not an Ending – It’s a New Beginning, not the unraveling of good! On the contrary, an apocalypse is a reorientation to what is truly good, if you dare to accept it.” That’s a very different definition than the modern understanding of apocalypse: “The End of the world as we know it!”
So, below is a video that I would love to share with you! It helps you understand how to read Apocalyptic literature. I hope it allows you to use the book of Revelation to live a life of Shalom (the right Relationship with God and humanity) right now in the world we find ourselves living.