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Devotion from Pastor Craig (July 20)

Show Notes:

  • Here is a picture of the mural of John Lewis in Atlanta, as well as the video of CT Vivian being assaulted in Selma.
  • “It is our shame and disgrace today that so many Christians—I will be more specific: so many of the soundest and most orthodox Christians—go through this world in the spirit of the priest and the Levite in our Lord’s parable, seeing human needs all around them, but averting their eyes and passing by on the other side… alas, they are many—whose ambition in life seems limited to building a nice middle-class Christian home and making nice middle-class Christian friends, and bringing up their children in nice middle-class Christian ways, and who leave the submiddle-class sections of the community, Christian and non-Christian, to get on by themselves.” J.I. Packer. The longer quote in context.
  • My favorite three biographies of the last couple of years:
    • Churchill: Walking with Destiny – by Andrew Roberts – WSJ and NY Times Best and Notable books of 2018 respectively. A captivating look at one of the most enigmatic figures in the 20th century.
    • Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom – by David W. Blight – Hey if you don’t take my word for it, it was on President Obama’s top books of 2019 and won a Pulitzer Prize. A great book on an all-time great American.
    • Walt Disney – by Neal Gabler: It is a long one, but should be required reading for Orlandonians(?), partiality the last third of the book which covers Disney’s captivating vision for theme parks. Great insight into how it was the Disney tapped into something so deeply resonant with so many people.