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Lent 2022

What is Lent?

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The Lenten season begins Ash Wednesday, March 2nd, and moves us all the way to Easter Sunday. This time reminds us of our need for Christ Jesus as we prepare for Easter Sunday. During this season, we ask that you consider adding 3 rhythms to your life: 

  1. Fast from something significant in your life: Like a meal, TV, or special hobby. The point of this is not to feel proud, but to create space in your life for #2
  2. Add an extra spiritual practice you don’t normally do. Such as prayer, daily Bible reading, meditation, or contemplation. 
  3. Participate in a weekly virtual or in-person Lenten small group. You can sign up below.

 There is a great season of growth ahead for our church family! And we want everyone to be a part of it!

If Jesus Is... Bread of Life The Word Cornerstone The Vine Lamb of God King of Kings

New Sermon Series

During this series, we will be looking at the different names in the Bible for Jesus. Jesus is the Lamb of God. Jesus is the Cornerstone. Jesus is the King of Kings. But we aren’t just going to focus on gaining more education. We also want to spend time contemplating the implications. We are calling the series “If Jesus Is…Then Who Are We?”. If Jesus really is the King of Kings, then what does it say about us as his disciples? And what does it say for our community? Join us in worship each Sunday at 9am (Contemporary) & 11am (Traditional).

Join a Small Group this Lent: March 2 - April 16

We invite you to take a step of faith and consider going even deeper during the Lenten season. In the past, this season has given us the opportunity to fast from items in our life so that we might make room for deeper spiritual practices. This year we hope to take our personal discipleship practices a step further by creating space for communal discipleship. We are asking everyone to join a virtual or in-person 30-45 min small group that meets weekly during lent and helps us grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus. 

Explore the group offerings below to find a time that works for your schedule! If you are interested in leading a group, please email to learn more.

Sundays, 10:00am

This group is led by Bob & Tricia Atchison. Sign up below!

Mondays, 12:00pm

This group is led by Pastor Philip Allred. Sign up below!

Mondays, 8:00pm

This group is led by David Witwer. Sign up below!

Tuesdays, 8:30pm

This group is led by Pastor Philip Allred. Sign up below!

Wednesdays, 5:30pm

This group is led by Bill Walker & Debbie McLeod. Sign up below!

Thursdays, 8:00am

This group is led by Pastor Leah Gaughan. Sign up below!

Thursdays, 3:00pm

This group is led by Pastor Rachel DeLaune. Sign up below!

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