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Apr. 13 – Devotion from Pastor Craig

*Technical difficulties led to twice deleted audio files. Look for audio devotion coming soon! 

Happy Monday! Here are some of the best articles around the Christian web right now. 

  • Tish Harrison Warren is one of my favorite Christian writers today. In this article she clearly and without apology lays before us as readers implications of the resurrection on our faith in Christ. And though it is a day late, a little extra meditation on the empty tomb always does the soul good!
  • N.T. Wright addresses the, “Why God?” of this Coronavirus season without a trite answer, but an invitation to faithful lament. View the article here.
  • Lastly, the best I have read in terms of organizational leadership in our Coronavirus reality is by Andy Crouch. It is written from a Christian perspective, but equally relevant across many different sectors. In this article, Crouch lays out the reality that for the vast majority of organizations, that to move forward means to approach this season as a start up. Crouch invites leaders to look not just at the ‘blizzard’ conditions in which we find ourselves, but also forward to the “winter” which is coming. (A heads up, this one is a little long but absolutely worth the read)
  • A quote I have been meditating on: “When the grace of Jesus sinks in, we will become the least offensive and least offend able people in the world.” – Scott Sauls (Lord, may it be so!)

~Rev. Craig Blocher