Vision Statement

A vibrant family built on God’s grace, who share a passion for the Word of God, living and serving in the image of Jesus the Christ.

As we cast the vision of a vibrant family built on God’s grace, it’s important to share our stories. These are stories of our ministries living and serving in the image of Jesus the Christ. Join us in seeing the work of God across our church and how our family is living into this new vision. 

This Week’s Story

Reveal Sermon Series

Sunday, Jan. 14

Reveal, Part 2: Vibrant Family

This past New Year’s Eve, I decided to pass on a Miller family tradition. For years I’ve waited for the kids to become old enough. And finally, this year I decided they were ready for me to teach them how to have a good old fashion bottle rocket war. As a boy, I participated in a number of epic battles – the route of ’79 and the basement skirmish of ’82 in particular, come to mind. And I wanted Erin, Noah and Cole to have that experience. So, I went out and got some goggles – you could shoot your eye out you know. And I took some PVC pipe and fashioned into bottle rocket holders. That way we wouldn’t burn our arms. Even so, I was pretty aware that Robyn wouldn’t agree with what I was doing. So, I tried to hedge a little by getting her to agree to shoot off fireworks. I just didn’t tell her that we would be shooting them at each other.

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Sunday, Jan. 7

Reveal, Part 1: Why?

So, Robyn and I went car shopping this week. Which was just a miserable thing to do. For me, buying a car ranks right up there with getting a crown on my back molar. Or, say, coming down with yellow fever. It’s not something you willingly choose to do if there is ANYTHING, anything at all that you could do instead. But my truck is getting up there in miles. It’s on the cusp of costing us some real money for repairs. So, we took it in to be assessed. When we did, the salesman asked how much gas we had in the tank! Evidently, we are at the stage when a full tank of gas significantly raises the value of our trade-in.

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Past Stories

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