Noah’s Nursery


Jesus loves me, this I know
for the BIBLE tells me so.

Sunday morning nursery options in the Asbury Building:

  • An infant to walkers room (108)
  • A beginning toddler room for those who have just begun to walk (107)
  • The 2’s and 3’s room for those who are really on the go! (106)

We work very hard to provide a loving and safe environment for our children. Our nurseries are staffed by paid workers to provide the best quality care. Trained staff provide a safe nursery as well as consistency for the children and their parents.
Children are advanced from a given room when the nursery staff and parents determine the child is ready. Nursery is also provided for other events throughout the week for infants through age five.

Reservations are required for those events on our website at

Thank you for the trust you are placing in us;
we will do our best to be faithful in all that we do.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our nursery.
Dawn Peterson
Nursery Supervisor
Rosemary Ubinger
Director of MSEE Preschool

Download the Noah’s Nursery brochure HERE.

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