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Discern Leadership Team Update

Our Discern process is alive and well! Here is the first of many updates to come: Turning Great Ideas into Realities for the Next Generations (Update on Goal 3 of 5) – “Develop a relevant communication infrastructure that targets Next Generations so that we may connect and actively network with our internal group of students...

Easter Day Service Times

As we gather for the Easter Day services  it is important to note added service times. We look forward to sharing this day with you all.  

Charge Conference

Charge Conference Membership It’s time to update our membership rolls.
We make a concerted effort to reach families or individuals who are members but have not attended church in a while. We try to contact them to re-connect with the church or to see if they have joined another church family. However, we do...

This Sunday in Worship

Giving Up: Success - Dr. Bob Bushong

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