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Security Update

We are all too painfully aware of how individuals with malicious intent have perpetrated acts of violence at places of worship and schools both within our nation and around the world.  While these senseless acts cannot be completely eliminated, we as a community need to be prepared to respond during times of trouble.

Our Emergency Preparedness Task Team has been meeting and will be implementing some additional security measures around our church and school campus.

While we desire to have an open, welcoming environment, it is also very important to help safeguard the safety and security of our staff, our congregation, students, preschoolers, visitors, etc.

Installation of Phase One of our new security system has been initially implemented as of the end of November.   Phase One is based around the school and the Wesleyan building.  We have installed new security cameras, upgraded security locks, keycard readers and intercoms.

Daily operations for the school will be very similar to present operations with improved security and smoother locking and access to the playground gates.  During school hours the only access to the school will be via intercom and remote door access on the walkway between the Matthias Family Life Center and the School.

Operations for administrative and ministry staff will change with the new system.  Access to the church office will be via intercom and remote door access at the two primary Wesleyan doors.  Staff and Lay leadership access will be via keycard.

Additional phases will include the Sanctuary and the Matthias Family Life Center.

Speaking of security, with rolling back time and the Christmas shopping season upon us, please be sure to lock your cars in the parking lot and when parking around the church.

Thank you for your patience as we transition to our new system and fine tune the process.  We look forward to implementing this new level of security with you.