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Panua Trip, Blog 3: An amazing Spiritual Day with God’s Creation

Sunday – An amazing Spiritual Day with God’s Creation
By Ivor Singer

Today was special!  The Panua mission team experienced so many different events.  You see, team members were crossing the earth to join those already in Kenya.  One was flying from Orlando to Dubai to get her connection to Nairobi. 

Four other team members were flying from Orlando, Dallas, and Raleigh Durham.  The five already in Kenya attended Trinity Methodist Church in Naivasha.  The service included praising God, singing, dancing, prayer, enthusiastic greetings, and aa sermon.  The music came in the form of solos, group singers, congregational hymns, and several different age-specific group choirs and dancers.  One dance group was made up of boys from ages 9 to 17 doing choreographic steps, kicks, turns and many other movements all in sync.  

Several times prayers were given by multiple people other than the pastor.  Evanne gave a corporate prayer which touched the heart of many.  Jensie spoke and gave a beautiful testimony about the Panua mission and the partnership of Trinity church.  During the service, Sunday School classes of children ran into the sanctuary and sat in their assigned seats, prayers were offered and said in both English and Swahili.

The sermon was excellent.  What we realized is worship touches the soul no matter the style, language, more, music or tradition  Worshiping God is universal.

Later that day the Panua team in Kenya experienced another spiritual awakening with a boat ride on Lake 

Naivasha.  This very large lake is surrounded by wildlife and in some places rolling hills touchtone sky in the distance.  God’s creations included bald eagles, egrets, zebras, giraffes and many hippos.  The marvel of this world and the creatures who inhabit it is amazing.  God is amazing and the forms of life are magnificent.  

The spirit of God touches our lives in many different ways.  A worship you are not used to, a hippo opening up its mouth while in the water, a bald eagle perched on a branch, hills touching the sky, the wind blowing in your face as you cross a beautiful lake in a foreign country while in a small boat.  How blessed we are…how blessed we are.