June 8 – Devotion from Pastor Craig

Show Notes:

  • Wesley’s sermon, Justification by Faith, in its entirety, and the abridged outlined version.
  • What I am watching (shorter)This beautiful video from the Bible Project on the biblical theme of ‘justice’. “[Justice] is about a lifetime commitment fueled by the words of the ancient prophet Micah … to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.”
  • What I am watching (longer)This panel on race done by Epiphany Fellowship, a black baptist church, in Philadelphia. A wonderfully helpful watch (or listen) to a faithful Christian response of racial reconciliation. “This work is a Gospel issue because the reign of Christ touches every area of life.”
  • Food for thought: From Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales, and cohost of the Holy Post podcast (worth a follow). “I appreciate the sentiment, but we Christians may need to suggest solutions to injustice that don’t involve every American suddenly following Jesus. Praying for revival and working for reform are not mutually exclusive. Christian heroes of the past … William Wilberforce in England, Pandita Ramabai in India, Rosa Parks and MLK in America … prayed for revival and worked for reform. And didn’t see a conflict in that. Wilberforce attended Bible studies AND fought to end the slave trade. Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote about discipleship to Jesus AND worked to overthrow an evil regime. Pandita Ramabai fought for women’s rights in India AND translated the entire Bible into her native tongue so those women could meet Jesus. Harriett Tubman praised God AND snuck slaves out of the South. We can hold these things in tension. Praying for God to move in hearts, while working to alleviate suffering through policy and reform. Both and. Not either or.” – This was the life work of Wesley as well and a distinct mark of the early Methodist movement, care for the cause of the neglected, poor, sick, and in-prisoned in profound, community transforming ways AND the expectation to live lives of personal holiness.