June 15 – Devotion from Pastor Craig

Show Notes:

  • Here is Wesley’s sermon “The Righteousness of Faith” in its entirety, and outlined summary if you want to skim.
  • *the podcast interview I referenced in the devotional and sermon Sunday* with Dr Sadler, General Secretary of the AMEZ church.
  • Another podcast worth a good listen. It is a Christianity Today podcast hosted by Dr. Esau McCaulley as he interviews Jamar Tisby, author ofThe Color of Comprise (I recommend) as they talk as black men operating in predominantly white and black environments respectively. An enlightening conversation. 
  • “The first service one owes to others in a community involves listening to them. Just as our love for God begins with listening to God’s Word, the beginning of love for others is learning to listen to them.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer.