Apr. 27 – Devotion from Pastor Craig

Show Notes:

  • If you wanted to read the sermon, here is the link. I have added a few of the quotes I read below:
    • “I did go thus far for many years… using diligence to eschew all evil … a conscience void of offense … [yet] all this I was but ‘almost a Christian’”
      • For context. At this point Wesley had been serving as an Anglican priest for a few years and had secured a lifetime post at Oxford … at yet, he recognizes something was still missing.
    • [The faith of the altogether Christian] “engrosses the whole heart, as takes up all the affections, as fills the entire capacity of the soul, and employs the utmost extent of all its faculties”
    • [Faith ought to be] “dead to pride of every kind: for love ‘is not puffed up’”
    • “May we all thus experience what it is to be … altogether Christians!”
  • A quote as relevant to the church as any organization in this season:
    • The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterday’s logic – Peter Drucker