Relief Fund

What is the Relief Fund?
We are a giving church and a church that seeks to faithfully address ways to offer financial support. We know that in times of natural disaster, community crisis, pandemic, etc. there are very real financial needs.

 How can I participate?
We recognize that in these uncertain times, there is economic fallout that our community faces due to COVID-19. One practical way we can help those experiencing need during this time is through our Relief Fund.

Why was the Relief Fund created?
Historically the Pastors’ Discretionary Fund was the primary avenue for general church benevolence funds. Recognizing the COVID-19-related needs in the midst of the FUMCWP pastoral transition, the Relief Fund was created to address how the church faithfully addresses financial support.

What is the maximum amount of money per request?
Currently, the Relief Fund holds an individual maximum limit of $500 per request (pending available funds). Applications are reviewed on a “First In, First Reviewed” basis and are awarded at the discretion of our Relief Fund committee.

What happens after I submit an application?
After we have received an application, a FUMCWP staff person confirms receipt with the applicant within 24 hours. A FUMCWP staff person removes all identifying information such as name, phone, etc. before sharing the application with the Relief Fund Committee. By majority decision, the Committee determines if the funding is granted. After the Committee makes the decision, a FUMCWP staff person contacts the applicant with the decision and applicable follow-up.

Who is on the Relief Fund Committee?
The Relief Fund Committee is an anonymous committee consisting of four lay leaders with a financial background and missional focus. 

Where does the money for the Relief Fund come from?
The Relief Fund is comprised of monetary donations from the FUMCWP community. These donations are above and beyond normal church giving.

Still have questions?
Please email [email protected] with any questions related to donations or assistance.