Mindful Living

Mindful Living Initiative provides a way to practice the Ministry of Presence.  It allows us an opportunity to be still, so we can quiet our bodies, and clear our minds.  Through calming mindful practices which include physical movement, Biblical meditation, guided relaxation and other centering practices, we begin to see ourselves and others for our spiritual gifts and for how God created us (remembering we are fearfully and wonderfully made).  By being in the present moment, we can connect at a deeper level with our family and friends.  When our mind is not focused on the past or future, we notice the many blessings in our lives, versus the challenges we face daily.  Being present, surrendering the past and future and trusting that God will provide for us, allows us to expand with an openness as we fulfill God’s calling in our lives.

 Over the year the Mindful Living Initiative will offer classes and programs for youth and adults of all ages.  We are excited to offer enhancing mindfulness activities and education as a tool to improve health.  Through mindful movement, we can increase strength and flexibility.  With scientific evidence showing how mindful activities reduce Cortisol levels, and increase working memory and executive functioning, we are so pleased to provide these offerings to our congregation and the community.

Psalm 46:10 – Be Still, and Know I am God

Mindful Living Initiative

**See class description at bottom of the page**

Monday Mornings:  Gentle Yoga
Instructor:  Karen Cornelius, RYT 200
Time:  10:30-11:30am
When: Meets year-round (excluding holidays)
Room: Matthias Family Life Center 313
For additional Information, please contact Karen at [email protected]

Class Descriptions:

Gentle Yoga (Restorative) – Gentle Yoga is perfect for adults over 50, individuals who are new to Yoga, or anyone desiring a more therapeutic/restorative approach to Yoga.   This class practices techniques to soothe the mind by using the breath; physical movement, gently holding postures to improve flexibility and strength; and deep relaxation and Biblical Meditation to find inner peace.  The practice is modified to accommodate all levels and limitations – Chair Options are provided if requested.  Instructors:  Mondays at 10:30am – Karen Cornelius, RYT 200 and Fridays at 10:30am – Shirley Mead