Health and Wholeness


Keeping our bodies and minds in good shape helps us be prepared to answer God’s call to serve Him through worship, connect with Him through the study of Scripture, and act for Him by helping others.

Parish Nurse Betsy McKeeby, is our church’s health counselor. She’s also a health educator for the congregation and community, as well as the advocate and referral liaison to community resources. The purpose of the health and wholeness ministry is to promote the physical and spiritual health of our congregation by providing information, health screenings, classes, and programs.


Wellness Initiative
These are regularly offered presentations by health experts about topics frequently faced by adults. All ages are welcome.

Mindful Living
This series of opportunities for 2017-2018 focus on health benefits of mindfulness. Opportunities include yoga, prayer, meditation, seminars, etc.
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Additional Programs

  • Medical Supply Closet
    Medical supplies including wheelchairs, walkers and crutches are available for use as needed. To make a donation or request supplies, please contact our Parish Nurse.
  • Our Whole Community
    First UMCWP participates with other churches to improve the Health & Wholeness of Winter Park, Maitland, Eatonville, and Orlando communities through shared programs. Visit website for a calendar of community health events and online resources. Our Whole Community features projects such as providing rental boxes in a community garden for individuals and families.
    An ongoing program is management of a community garden on Welbourne Street. Interested gardeners lease a box for $20 for a growing season with the opportunity for support by a master gardener. For more information, visit or contact [email protected].
  • Bereavement Support and Walking the Mourner’s Path Class
    Looking for help to transform grief into joyful living? Walking the Mourner’s Path is a Christ-centered, non-denominational 8-week grief support program. The core belief is that grieving is not lack of faith but a natural part of living. The program is held twice a year. Contact: Rev. Gary Rideout
  • Support Groups
    Various support and 12-step recovery groups hold meetings at the church to help people in dealing with different life issues. Call the church office for current meeting times.
  • CPR Classes
    Knowledge of CPR and response to sudden death is encouraged for everyone. Contact Parish Nurse, Betsy McKeeby, for a calendar of upcoming classes. Weekday and Saturday options available.