Finding Hope Together

We strive to find and share the hope of God in the midst of disruption and darkness. Let this season be a time of intentionality and growth in our relationship with God and with each other. As a church family, we do this together. On this journey, we seek to be a vibrant family that connects and grows – many of these ways may be new and different to us. Explore ways to stay spiritually connected with our faith community.   

Letter from Pastor David


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Want a Personal Connection?

Our Pastoral Team is offering Virtual Sessions to support our church community. Whether you prefer a phone call, video conference, FaceTime, texting (you name it!) – our Pastoral Team is here to offer the care you need. To schedule, please email the pastor directly or call the front office at 407-644-2906.

And, don’t forget about the classic telephone. We encourage you to take the time to connect with each other and be sources of encouragement. Community is critical to our faith and we encourage you to actively seek ways to stay connected.

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