Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why so much communicating?

We are in a season of many communications – printed, emailed, online, you name it! In May, our global denomination will hold its next General Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. General Conference is a time in our church’s life where elected representatives from the various Methodist conferences throughout the world come together. At General Conference, representatives vote on legislation on behalf of the nearly 12+ million Methodists worldwide. 

Leading up to every General Conference we often see an increase of articles, interviews, and other communications. In these communications, different individuals and organizations offer suggestions and perspectives on upcoming General Conference matters – this year is no different!

What’s the official word from FUMCWP?

Please discern whether the communications you receive are official statements on behalf of First United Methodist Church of Winter Park. Official statements from FUMCWP are available on the following channels:

Additionally, in mid-January our Leadership Council, the elected leaders of FUMCWP, will mail an official statement on FUMCWP letterhead to our members. 

How can I stay informed?

Make sure you don’t miss the awesome work that God is doing in our faith community. 

What is the General Conference in May?

The General Conference held in May is the quadrennial gathering of United Methodists from around the world. The General Conference consists of delegates elected from their annual conferences on four continents. Half of the delegates are clergypersons and half are laypersons. Bishops preside at General Conference sessions, but do not vote. The General Conference is the legislative body of the worldwide United Methodist Church.