South Street Ministry


Ssouthstreetouth Street Ministry is another chapter in God’s continuing story, rooted in a neighborhood where God’s movement was at work long before our ministry began. We are a place that recognizes all individuals as unique children of God with worth and value.

We are creating an opportunity for neighbors who want to love one another and live in the grace and peace offered through a relationship with Jesus Christ to be in relationship with one another. We believe lives are transformed through faithful connections with all people found in our surrounding community; therefore, as personal transformation is experienced, transformation within the community is experienced as well.

Each person that walks through our doors has a story to tell, and will be known by those within our community. As hope is found, those same people will have a new story that they will make known back out in the surrounding community.

We are a relational-based ministry and, since our inception in 2011, have been building relationships within each area of major interest (education, community engagement, and faith-based activities) in the neighborhood. These relationships strive to celebrate the diversity that exists within the neighborhood and seek to unify and empower the community through the assets that currently exist here.

Our motto is “Be Known, Make Known” where everyone that comes through our door is valued and known, and they find a story of hope here that is then carried back out into the community and made known. Through family activities, social services, support groups, classes, and opportunities to serve, the gifts of the neighborhood have been utilized to meet the needs within the neighborhood, resulting in interdependent relationships between residents and those who serve.

We feel we will see authentic wholeness and transformation occurring when:

  • Local leadership within South Street Ministry is at 75% of the overall identified leadership team of the ministry.
  • Involvement within community-led initiatives by residents increases by 50%.
  • 95% of resident children are academically performing at grade-level or higher.
  • 70% of local resident’s skills and gifts are being utilized for employment, community initiatives, and the development of South Street Ministry.
  • Volunteers for any South Street Ministry event, camp, or program include 50% of people from the community and 50% of people from diverse areas of interest beyond the community.
  • A tangible sense of peace, self-worth, and hope is being experienced by all involved.


Advancing Wholeness through stability, dignity, and empowerment.


By building collaborative, interdependent relationships with our neighbors in need, South Street Ministry is committed to advancing individual and community wholeness through stability, dignity and empowerment. We achieve this through focusing on these three areas: Adult and Children Education, Quality Children’s and Family Programming, and Creative Worship.

  • Collaborative, interdependent relationships with our neighbors in need: We build off of the assets within the community, as opposed to being focused on addressing needs. We feel that through the work of building authentic relationships and the utilization of everyone’s gifts and assets as a result, wholeness can be found within everyone involved.
  • Advancing individual and community wholeness: Our aim is avoid deepening the cycle of dependency through handouts and needs-based ministry efforts, as we seek to create interdependent connections with all members of the community, including the working poor. Through this approach, each person involved finds self worth and understands their own value.
  • Stability, dignity and empowerment: As we encounter various people in differing life stages, our focus is on creating stability for one another, discovering dignity together, and paving a way for empowerment and leadership from within the community itself to occur.


Our focus areas of ministry are Adult and Children Education, Quality Children’s and Family Programming, and Creative Worship. The goal throughout all of these areas is to advance wholeness within all persons involved.

With our education and family focus, we seek to journey with a family from the birth of a child all the way through their high school graduation, as we are committed to maintaining those relationships over an extended period of time.

Within our Children & Family programs, we seek to provide opportunities for community connections and relationship building, as well as life enrichment experiences. Worship is at the core of who we are, and through our creative worship experience, we provide an avenue for our diversity to be celebrated, while we are reminded that we are united in our love of Christ.

Children and Families

Whenever children may be out of school, we try to provide a place for them to play, to learn, and to continue to grow spiritually. Through our Kids Day Away events, Winter Festivities, Spring Break activities, and Summer Camps, we offer opportunities for children from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade to experience a welcoming, structured, organized, and extremely fun experience with us.

In addition to events for children, we offer fun activities for the entire >family such as our Back to School Block Party at the end of summer and our Three Kings Day celebration at the beginning of the new year. Continue to check back with us as more family-focused events are being added in an effort to give the families in the community affordable and exciting memories together.

Summer Camps – South Street Ministry provides multiple camps throughout the summer to provide a safe, educational, and fun-filled summer for our community. Each camp has an educational theme to increase summer activity and bridge the summer time learning gap.

Mentoring for Academic Progress (M.A.P)

M.A.P serves children from neighboring Lake Como and Hillcrest Elementary Schools. MAP’s staff and volunteer mentors work with the children on homework and additional academic assignments Monday through Thursdays, with Fridays offering art, music, drama and dance, chess and other activities as a reward for working hard during the week. MAP provides bus transportation from school to South Street Ministry, where the students enjoy a snack, recreational time, homework assistance, and additional academic work geared specifically to each student.


Asset-Based Community Development

South Street Ministry is committed to partnering with our community to alleviate poverty in the surrounding area. Through asset-based community development, we are learning the assets of the community and empowering leadership and change from within the community. We are utilizing the aha! process curriculum, Getting Ahead in a Just Getting by World, to address the challenges of poverty in our community. “Getting Ahead in a Just Getting’ By World is a curriculum that supports people in poverty as they develop their own plan for stability.” – aha! Process


Jobs Partnership

We are partnering with Jobs Partnership Florida to increase employment rates and job retention in our community. “The centerpiece of the Jobs Partnership of Florida is Life & Work , a 12-week employability training program that equips those who are stalled in their life or job, or both, with decision-making skills that will help them move forward.”


Trinity Christian Academy

Trinity Christian Academy (TCA) offers a quality Christian learning environment for children ages one year to five and offer VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarden) for children who are 4 years old by September 1st. TCA is licensed through Florida Department of Children and Families (certificate # C09OR0660).
Find more info about Trinity Christian Academy HERE



Worship is our response to what God has done, is doing, and will do in our lives – individually and as a community. Our casual worship experience is focused on building relationships with God and one another, as everyone from children to grown adults sits, eats, sings, and prays together. We work hard to create a comfortable and welcoming environment to everyone from the community. We pray that you will be encouraged and have many uplifting experiences through the creative and informal ways in which we praise God. We have a potluck dinner every Wednesday at 6pm followed by our worship experience at 6:30pm.

Small groups at South Street are designed to take us into a deeper relationship with God, self, and others. These groups are designed to bridge gaps across all lines as we fully embrace our identity as children of God.


Pastor Craig Blocher

Executive Pastor of South Street Ministry